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 Setup IPTV on SMART STB on Samsung or LG Smart  TV





If you’re looking to get a premium IPTV service  on your Samsung or LG Smart TV then you’ve came to the right place. In the subsequent article we’ll show you one way to get IPTV through a very popular app called Smart STB. This method will save you money since you don’t need to purchase an android box or IPTV box.  Now, before we begin it is important to note the price to use the Smart STB app. At first, you’ll be given a week trial to test out and see whether the app is for you. Afterwards, the app will cost either $2.55/month or $27 CAD ($21.05 USD) for lifetime license.   Lets Begin! 

Download & Configure Smart STB app:

  1. On your Samsung or LG Smart TV go to Smart Hub of apps and locate and download the Smart STB app.
  2. Once installed, open the app and hold the middle “OK” button on the remote.
  3. Next, open the Smart STB app and go into system settings > device info > here you can find the Virtual MAC address beginning with 00:1A:79 (given to your IPTV provider) and device MAC (used to register the application).
  4. Now, the first thing you’ll need to do is register the application at using the device MAC address.
  5. Congratulations! The app is now active and the only thing left to do is provide virtual MAC address to your IPTV provider. If you don’t already have an IPTV provider you can purchase one here. 
  6. In the settings of Smart STB application > Embedded portals > Portals > Your IPTV provider should send you a Portal URL which you’ll need to enter. Here are the Portal URL for the servers provided at MetroIptv:

 M5 URL: or



Lastly, press “Return” to save settings and go back and select restart portal. Now, the IPTV server should load up. In the case you’re seeing a login-authetication screen you’ll need to wait until provider activates MAC address. It’s possible there’s a discrepency in the virtual MAC activated as well, make sure the provider has the correct MAC. 


Hope this article was useful for you through your IPTV journey. You can also visit the Smart STB FAQ page where the address common issues/concerns.